It’s finally here! RÉPUBLIQUE VR is now available for Samsung Gear VR and the all-new Oculus Go. We are thrilled to be releasing this reimagining of RÉPUBLIQUE, not just for VR enthusiasts, but [...]

République Profile | Fred Cooper

Everybody loves Fred Cooper, Metamorphosis’s resident IT expert and Hope’s accomplice. We receive a lot of questions about his character background and behind-the-scenes development, [...]

The Manifesto: Form and Function

This is James Howell, author of the République Manifesto, and I’d like to offer insight into the relationship between the Manifesto and the game itself. I typically believe that writing should be [...]

République Profile | Mattie Sade

Mattie Sade, the Overseer’s in-house propagandist, only meets Hope in Episode 3, but she makes up in mystery what she lacks in screen-time. République writer Brendan Murphy answered some [...]

République Profile | Mammoth

République packs its story (often literally) into every nook and shadow, but, for many fans, the unpacking only builds curiosity further. In particular, people want to know more about Mammoth, [...]

Kill Your Internet

Just before République released, producer Aaron Whiting spearheaded “Kill Your Internet,” an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) set in République’s universe. Through the game, players learn more about [...]