I left an Atlantic confinement cell in Episode 3, and now I’m stuck back in Episode 1. What do I do?

Congratulations! You found a backtracking shortcut!

You exited an Atlantic confinement room in Episode 3 through a door that leads back to Episode 1. The door connects to the Headmaster’s Dining Room in Episode 1.

Earlier, you took the elevator from Episode 2 to Episode 3, but the elevator is now disabled. You need to retrace your steps through the shortcut to return to Episode 3’s map.

In the Episode 1 map, go to the Headmaster’s Dining Room next to the Kitchen in the Dorms. (You previously solved the painting puzzle here.) Send Hope through the crawlspace beneath the Headmaster’s painting. Go through the door opposite the room where you upgraded to OMNI 1.

Here, you’ll find the Level 3 door back to the Atlantic confinement room. Walk through it, and find the other exit to the confinement room to continue Episode 3.