Selecting an episode still returns me to the main menu.

We have sought a common cause across the variety of devices, and we have a potential solution that should get the episodes running. We would love players whose devices don’t load episodes 2 through 5 to let us know their experiences with it at [email protected] The process is a bit technical, but hearing all users’ stories with the process will go a long way toward an automatic fix that works for everybody.

1: Run the game and load a saved game to get to the episode select screen.

2: Delete any episode data that can’t be loaded using the “X” in the upper right of that episode’s icon.

3: Begin downloading a single episode’s data again. Watch the percentage closely.

4: When the percentage says 95%, quickly kill the app, either through the app itself or by using the “recents” button.

5: Use your phone’s file-exploring app to find the zip file. Please only use the tools installed with your Android OS or Windows Explorer by connecting the device to your PC. We cannot guarantee the reliability or safety of third-party file-exploring programs.

Each episode has a different file name, but we will use Episode 5’s name as an example. You can find the zip file here: Android/data/com.camouflaj.republique/files/Chapter5/

6: Delete the partially unzipped Ep5-ETC-336071.obb. Leave the file Ep5-ETC-336071.txt alone.

7: Using the file-exploring app, manually unzip to the Chapter5 folder, or unzip it anywhere and move Ep5-ETC-336071.obb to the Chapter5 folder.

8: Delete

9: Run the game and load the saved game to get to the episode select screen. The episode will display the download button, but once you click download once it should detect the presence of the unzipped file and use that instead of redownloading.

10: Try to play the episode. You might need to tap on the icon a few times to get past the warning message about starting an episode in the middle of the game.