I’m playing République using the Student Uniform (hard mode) on my PS4, and I can’t find enough video tapes to save my game.

Here are the locations of all the save tapes in the game.

Episode 1:

  • Dorms: Near start of reception
  • Dorms: Male Dining Room
  • Brigs/Power Station: Break area with Zager poster and vent, guard facing wall

Episode 2:

  • Opening cinematic confinement room
  • In stairway to archives near barrels, below perch
  • Reading Room in Treglazov Museum, in a row of chairs

Episode 3:

  • Reception: On desk in first room post intro cinematic
  • Media: Cubicle 3rd from the entrance
  • Atlantic: Confinement room data broker table
  • Pacific: Confinement room data broker table
  • Control: Vending area in Houston

Episode 4:

  • Forest: Entrance near metal EP3 elevator exit
  • Graveyard: Inside Mausoleum
  • Greenhouse: One of the cubes near the bolt cutters
  • Garden: Clone labs near the petri dish

Episode 5:

  • Library: Table with globe on cocoon 1F
  • Dorms: Goran Plesko’s bed
  • Brigs: Hope’s cell
  • Reception: Confinement room data broker table