Do the new Hope costumes change the gameplay?

  • The “Pre-Cal” costume is the default outfit and thus has no special modifiers.
  • The “Student” costume is for fans of survival horror genre—enemies are more challenging, items are rarer, and saves are limited in quantity and no longer automatic. To save your game, find a videotape hidden in the world and then use it by interacting with any machine found in the prison cell-like Confinement Rooms located through the game. Each save uses up one videotape. Good luck! You’ll need it.
  • The “Prizrak” (guard) costume causes enemies to ignore Hope—unless she is engaging in suspicious behavior—such as running,sneaking around, or colliding with enemies. This costume also grants Hope with unlimited Taser ammo. Choose this costume for the easiest and least stressful RÉPUBLIQUE VR experience.
  • The “Runner” costume is for competitive players who enjoy a good speed run. Your total playtime is tracked and displayed on a smart watch. You can view the watch by raising your phone (press the “Back” button). Hope’s movement is set to “run” by default. Be careful not to get caught by enemies!