May 1, 2024

After years of working in secrecy, Camouflaj is proud to announce its next game Batman: Arkham Shadow, and it's coming exclusively to Meta Quest 3 later this year. Please check out the teaser trailer here.

Collaborating closely with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC, we aim to deliver an authentic new entry in the celebrated Arkham franchise, something that the series' millions of fans will know is no easy feat. The prospect of adding a new chapter to such a storied franchise is exhilarating. (And it's been a lot of fun.) We are committed to building upon the beloved foundation laid by the legendary team at Rocksteady, and driven to do it justice.

From the start, Batman: Arkham Shadow is being crafted to be the ultimate VR game and take full advantage of Meta Quest 3. Leaning into our eight years of dedicated VR game development history has enabled us to not only create a distinctly Arkham-feeling game but done in a way that leverages the immersive magic only VR can provide.

I remember fondly the day an Oculus Rift DK1 arrived at our dingy offices in 2013, when Ezra plugged it into a mid-development build of Republique. Walking the halls of that world fully enveloped in VR, we were awed by the possibilities. I couldn’t have imagined then, that ten years down the line, we'd be preparing Camouflaj's third major VR game for release.

Batman: Arkham Shadow is the largest Camouflaj development project to date and marks our second release as a first party member of Oculus Studios, following 2022's critically-acclaimed release of Marvel's Iron Man VR for Quest 2.

For those of you who have asked, being part of Meta has been absolutely terrific. I'm thankful my core thesis for joining Meta has thus far proven true: becoming a first-party studio has further enabled Camouflaj to pursue our goals of creating high quality, meaningful games. Without the unwavering support of company leadership, the central Oculus Studios team, and our sister studios, we wouldn't be where we are today.

Speaking of today, this is only the beginning of Batman: Arkham Shadow's journey from announcement to launch, and we're incredibly excited to reveal more information over the coming months. In the meantime, we'll keep heads down - and all hands on deck - as we push to deliver the best possible Arkham and Meta Quest 3 powered game we possibly can.

As always, thank you for your support of Camouflaj over the years.

- Ryan Payton & The Crew