Senior QA Tester

Camouflaj, the award-winning team behind RÉPUBLIQUE and MARVEL’S IRON MAN VR, is looking for a Senior QA Tester to join us on a new AAA project. Camouflaj is home to over sixty talented developers who collectively pursue the goal of creating high quality, meaningful games. Minimal on corporate structure and high on personal accountability, Camouflaj is seeking new colleagues who thrive in an open, honest, and respectful working environment.

A QA Tester performs a vital role as the first audience for any game, reporting on performance, usability, playability, and identifying aspects which could be improved. QA Testers are responsible for reviewing the quality bar for internal tools and finding flaws before a project is submitted to our publishing partner. We are a small, focused, and driven team, and this role is an example of that need for both excellence and personal efficiency.

  • Review games in a fast-paced environment with both long and short development cycles
  • Sleuth out problems – finding a bug is easy, but narrowing down the parameters so that you know what causes a problem 100% of the time is the goal
  • Clearly communicate in concise terms the what/where/when/why and how issues were found
  • Participate in review of requirements and designs
  • Identify testing priorities and coordinate test plans with the QA team
  • Investigate, triage, and regress issues from other QA testers
  • Direct and assist with QA requests from the development team
  • Perform technical analysis of debug output to help identify causes of issues
  • Support Engineering team by use of development tools to analyze and report on game performance and memory usage
  • Assess and communicate testing risks
  • Collaborate with producers in working across disciplines within the development team to help drive project to completion
  • Test requirements within the VR headset, to accurately assess the player experience
  • At least 2 years of QA experience on internal game development teams
  • VR expertise is a must
  • QA backend and frontend website features, load/performance, and automation testing
  • Working knowledge of at least 2 test tools
  • Experience with bug tracking databases and spreadsheets
  • Comfortable playing VR for an extended period of time
  • Knowledgeable of the different types of bugs found in games
  • Background in art, game design, or computer science
  • Passionate gamer
  • Passion for VR gaming
  • Sense of humor (and not just about the policies of Millard Fillmore)
  • Video editing knowledge/skills
  • Familiar with gathering debug information to add to bug reports
  • Excellent at providing valuable, constructive feedback


Although we prefer teammates to live close to our Bellevue, WA office, given the state of the world, we are open to fully-remote work.

Please send your resume, cover letter, portfolio link, and any supporting materials to [email protected]

Good luck!