Senior 3D Artist(Environment Artist)

Camouflaj, the award-winning team behind RÉPUBLIQUE and MARVEL’S IRON MAN VR, is looking for a Senior 3D Artist to join us on a new AAA project. Camouflaj is home to over sixty talented developers who collectively pursue the goal of creating high quality, meaningful games. Minimal on corporate structure and high on personal accountability, Camouflaj is seeking new colleagues who thrive in an open, honest, and respectful working environment.
As a 3D Artist at Camouflaj, you will work alongside other artists, give and receive constructive feedback, and work towards the shared goal of producing high quality art in a way that conforms to the game’s pipeline and performance needs. You will be expected to stay on task and show initiative while following our custom workflows. Along with modeling game assets, you may also help review and fix outsourced assets and collaborate with designers on level block outs.
Successful candidates should display strong working experience building realistic textures from scratch in Substance Designer. Portfolios should show a wide range of PBR textures that demonstrate skill creating textures in Substance Designer and modeling a wide range of realistic assets from start to finish.

• Collaborate with other artists to create believable 3D assets
• Provide accurate time estimates of how long it will take to complete a task, including assessing technical restrictions, iteration, and review time
• Be comfortable with modeling proxies to establish basic proportions of props needed for gameplay and generating kits
• Assess, implement, manage and review outsource content
• Support level designers in building rough block outs to inform level flow and functionality
• Demonstrate self-driven workflows that integrate with fellow artists to hit common milestones on time

• Experience using Substance Designer and Painter for texturing
• Experience using 3DStudio Max
• Ability to create and manipulate texture maps in a PBR: metallic workflow including albedo, normal, AO, metallic, roughness maps
• Excellent understanding of maximizing UV space including extensive use of overlapping elements and ability to demonstrate this in your work
• Critical awareness of the cost of a game asset relative to the target engine such as poly counts, texture sizes, draw calls
• Ability to collaborate effectively with other team disciplines
• Willingness to adopt to and evangelize new workflows, tools, from both internal and 3rd party developers

• Experience using Zbrush for model sculpting and creation
• Experience using the Unity Engine
• Experience with VR development
• Basic understanding of photogrammetry
• Desire to utilize new techniques that increase art quality and efficiency across disciplines
• History working in a small studio environment

Although we prefer teammates to live close to our Bellevue, WA office, given the state of the world, we are open to fully-remote work.

Please send your resume, cover letter, portfolio link, and any supporting materials to [email protected]
Good luck!