User Experience Director

Camouflaj, the studio behind the episodic series RÉPUBLIQUE is looking for a User Experience Director to join our ambitious VR-based action game project, Marvel’s IRON MAN VR.

The User Experience Director will establish all user experience aspects of games, expand and design product portfolio to include virtual reality game development.


Use quantitative skills in computer science or advanced math to compile and create key coding samples and disseminate them amongst game designers.

Engage in professional development and training of other game designers.
Collaborate with the art, design, programming leads and project management to coordinate, schedule, track, and manage the projects production requirements to ensure that project tasks are completed on time
Drive advanced math-based coding framework around user experience tools, including gameplay mechanics. Develop game systems by providing code pathways for internal game design team.
Architect efficient runtime data structures for storing and managing vector graphics resources. Add multi-platform functionality to various games.
Collaborate with departmental directors to integrate product development, design, and art into games. Combine research findings to make recommendations to business stakeholders.
Partner with sales and marketing departments to create various pricing, packaging, and campaign strategies.


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or a related field with 5 years of progressive, post-bachelor’s software engineering experience.
Prior experience must include creating high-level code and designing specific gameplay mechanics
Must also have experience with each of the following: gameplay prototyping; user interface design; user experience design and implementation; gaming market demands; and variable data management.
Must possess prior experience using each of the following in developing advanced gaming systems: analytic geometry, specifically trigonometric functions to calculate values for position and direction vectors of User Interface (UI) game objects; mathematical analysis, specially differential calculus to simulate position, rotation, and scale change over time in motion simulation; algebra, specifically linear vector and matrix transformations that define graphics programming; partial-derivative equations, specifically laws of motions equations to determine simple motion simulations; and advanced mathematical statistics, specifically elements to analyze custom event statistics to determine how users are interacting with games.


Unity Experience
Experience working on Multiplayer Games

If you are passionate about games and want to work with a team of experienced developers who will help hone your craft, look no further. Please apply at [email protected] and provide links to portfolio. Good luck.